Jacci of all trades

Jacci of all trades, mother of three; my photographic gratitude journal

Day 1

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog and photographic gratitude journal.  During the week I read an article in the Women’s Weekly about a mum who had taken a photo every day in 2011 of something she was grateful for.  She inspired lots of others to do the same; including me!  Quite a few things happened to people around me in 2011 that really brought home the importance of making the most of every single minute and making sure the people I love and appreciate know it.  I am now all about the ‘joy’- making sure life is joyful for me and those around me.  My photographic gratitude journal is part of this; reflecting on my days and sharing the joy in them.

Today’s photo could have been one of  a million- I am so very grateful for my three beautiful, healthy, amazing children, and we are having such a lovely break together at home.  This photo captures the two older boys cooling off in their little pool while we enjoy dinner in our backyard- who could want for more?

Happy new year everyone xxx